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NEWS FLASH! Much of the conventional wisdom you may have followed for years is incomplete or flat-out wrong. Aerobics is the answer to weight loss? Wrong. Red meat is bad for you? Nope. You should stay out of the sun? No! Eggs raise your cholesterol? Not even close!

Now here's the good news! YOUNG FOR LIFE cuts through all the misinformation with the absolute latest research into how to delay and even reverse the effects of aging.

The YOUNG FOR LIFE plan is based on THREE simple principles:

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1. EAT RIGHT! In YOUNG FOR LIFE, you'll discover the foods that will energize and rejuvenate you. Tender, juicy steak helps you lose weight and builds and tones your muscles. Eggs make your skin look younger and improve your sex life. Butter is health food! You'll get lots of tempting recipes and tips for reducing (or even eliminating!) harmful carbohydrates from your diet. You'll start to look leaner and younger in no time flat! Click here!

2. GET STRONG! You'll learn how to shape sexy muscles anytime and anywhere! Tighten your butt on the elevator and firm up your arms while waiting in line. You'll start to get fitter and stronger—6 seconds at a time! Get a total-body workout in just 10 minutes with Dr. Rock's beginner's isotonics. See dramatic results faster than
you'd believe!

3. GET "SUPPLEMENT SMART" It's a sad but undeniable fact that modern farming methods have stripped produce of many of its nutrients. That means that to stay healthy, you're going to need to supplement your diet. Luckily, many of the most common and readily available supplements are the most powerful: For example, vitamins C, E, and B have astounding powers to erase wrinkles, increase sexual pleasure, and boost your mood. You'll find complete dosage information in YOUNG FOR LIFE. (It's all backed up by the latest research, so you know it's safe and effective.) Click here!

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